Ayia Napa currency is exactly the same as it is across Cyprus, the Euro. This makes it easy to take the hassle out of your holiday, and buy your Euros before you head off.  You can buy Euros online or from any Thomas Cook store, where you’ll get a competitive rate compared to the Bureau de Change at the airport.

Most shops, restaurants and hotels take Euros, and there are plenty of ATMs and banks to make Ayia Napa currency easy to organise. However, most banks will charge you for transactions, and ATMs tend to slap on a surcharge too, which could quickly eat into your savings if you regularly withdraw cash from a hole-in-the-wall machine.

Cash up before you go

Holidaying on a budget, and don’t want to overspend? It can be too easy to blow the budget if you see something nice, but if you’re trying to keep your costs down then a great way of managing your money is with a Thomas Cook Cash Passport. This is just like a debit card, except you load it up with cash before you go, and can top it up at any time too, from your main bank account.

Top ups can be done online, and you’re always locked into the best possible exchange rate so you get more bang for your buck (or Euro!). Simply use the card in the same way you would with a normal credit card, or use it to take out cash. It’s safe, it’s secure, and it’s the best way to have plenty of Ayia Napa currency on tap, without worrying about credit card bills when you get home!